My name is Ray Oubre,  a cancer survivor since 2011.  I went from once playing mostly southern rock and country to singing about the one true King Jesus Christ and how He has made a difference in my fight against cancer and my overall life.
After I heard those words "Mr Oubre you have cancer".  I got down on my knees for the first time in a long time.  I ask God to give me peace, happiness and  for him to do His will for all my remaining days whether it was 6 days, 6 months, or 60 years, and He has done just that.
I also decided I was not going to trade one single day of my life being unhappy, miserable or worrying period!  God did not intend for us to live on earth and not be content.  You may say, "easier said than done," and you know, you may be right.  If it had not been for one thing, my growing relationship with the Lord, it may just have been impossible but...Matthew 19: 26 and Phil 4:13 tell us different.
What started with encouragement from my long time sweetheart, Candy, to get me back in church and  my pastor asking me to sing a  special one Sunday.  I then started leading our contemporary service on Sunday nights.

​Ray Oubre


I began writing music again.  I was lead to share those songs and my testimony in a program I call "Music and a Message".  I was told by several people that their lives were touched.  I started searching for musicians for over a year who have a heart for the Lord and our band, Second Chance Rising, was formed.
It's amazing when one domino is pushed by the hand of God how many lives can change.  I have never been more convinced that God has given me a second chance to make a difference.  I hope you enjoy our music and continue to look for strength in the one true King Jesus Christ.

Keep Lookin' Up!


Bart Ficzere

I basically retired from playing with bands nearly 10+ years ago.  I just did not feel like the bar scene was where I needed and wanted to be any longer.  When an opportunity to play with Second Chance Rising, a group of Christian musicians, came along, it was just what I was looking for and missing in my life.    I have been playing piano for 40+ years and self-taught on guitar as well.  Originally from New Hampshire, I settled in the South after 6 years of serving my country in the Coast Guard.  WIth Ray and Jake being both cancer survivors, I felt a connection due to my wife of 18 years passing from breast cancer, and my current wife, Melissa, of 10 years being a breast cancer survivor.  I look forward to what the Lord is planning for Second Chance Rising.

God Bless,



Travis Daves

I'm a life-long CSRA Georgia resident and love the Lord Jesus Christ, my family, hunting, and racing.  I've played in a few church praise and worship bands, and love giving back to the Lord for the blessing He's bestowed upon me with my wonderful family and friends.  

God Bless You,



Earl Hoover 


I'm originally from Pennsylvania and a Flyers fan, but I've called the South my home for the last 26 years...and love it.  I've been kicking out beats on the drums since I was 10 years old and have some experience on the road and in the studio.  I'm thankful for having the chance to play with such a group of quality musicians, and the opportunity to make a joyful noise with a positive message.  I mean there's no better message than that of hope and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ!  Plus, when the Lord has a plan, He will bring it together, put you in a situation, create the conditions and do His thing....and you won't even know what happens until it hits you!  It's amazing!  And so, the Lord is doing His work with Second Chance Rising, and I'm glad to be a part of it!

Peace be in the journey,


( I play drums)


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